Derry Brown

Derry BrownSTOP!  Before we go any further I have a few confessions to make…

I am not a ‘trusted’, well known figure that has been a part of the fabric of Wall St for the last 47 years like Bernie Madoffwas.

I have not got an MBA and have never received a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences or co-founded a hedge fund like Myron Scholes who helped found LTCM (Liquidated in 1998 after losing $4.6 billion).

Nor have I ever worked for a big successful financial services firm like Lehman Brothers or Bear Stearnswere.

However I have been described as ill educated because I never went to university.  Hey, to be honest – I am a Nobody from Nowhere (New Zealand actually)!  So what the heck qualifies me to talk about the stock market with anyone?  Results

The stock market was not always been a place of profit from me though, many mistakes were made and much money was lost before I learnt how to make money.  Read the long painfull story – (BooHoo)

Now I want to help you avoid the mistakes I had to make along the road and ETF HQ is my opportunity to do that.  Are there any topics that you would like me to cover?  What is your single biggest question about ETFs, investing or trading?  Just leave your questions in the comments section.

To your profits

Derry and the Team at ETF HQ.

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  1. dougclews
    8 years ago

    Hi Derry
    Please contact me if your Dad was Desmond Brown, born in Portsmouth in 1927

    I am Doug Clews and your Dad MAY have been an evacuee with us before leaving us to go to Singapore !!!

    Please contact me on

    Many thanks !!! …

  2. Greg Charles
    6 years ago

    Nice personal summary Derry – you are looking at the market without the biased eyes of a Wall Street ‘professional’.  You have no agendas – you just let the math do the talking and (minimize) the emotion (we are human after all). 

    I have been using oscillators to alert me when to ‘turn on/off’ the use of leveraged ETFs for SWING trading. The media dismisses leverage for DAY traders but I’ve used these quite successfully when market conditions allow (i.e. strong trending). I’m new to your site and haven’t looked around a lot – please comment on the positive use of leveraged ETFs (2x, 3x etc) for scenarios other than day trades – Thanks, Greg Charles

    • Derry Brown
      6 years ago

      Thanks for your kind words Greg!  Using probability to exclude emotion is certainly the goal.  It has served me well of late as the results show (

      I think that leveraged ETFs can be a good tool for the right strategies outside of day trading.  Although they are not particularly suitable for most long term strategies due to the “Constant Leverage Trap”.  Also in a volatile crab market they can be the death of you.  Persionally I prefer to use margin and wouldn’t use 3x leverage (too rich for my blood).


  3. Mani.S
    5 years ago

    I am a retired man trying to understand the complex Forex trading. Did a lot of demo trading for the last two years, the results do not encourage me to put my hard earned few K’s to risk in Fx.

    Finding your site and reading your honest, inspiring story gives me hope that I can still make it in Forex. Averages filtered to avoid crabs seem to work for me .But I dont know how to identify them. Could you please advise the way forward for me ? How best to trade using averages and MACD ?
    I just came across your site today and searching back-test results which may help me in this.
    Hope you find time to help me in this.

  4. Derry Brown
    5 years ago

    Hi Mani,

    I can’t provide any advice on the FX market but if you keep reading this blog I will endeavour to share useful information about trading ETFs, index funds and stocks. A few rules:

    #1, never invest money can’t you can’t afford to lose when you are learning.

    #2 when you are experienced never invest money that you need assess to during the next 2 years.

    #3 realise that after two years the worst case is probably break even but at any point in between a 50% draw down is a real possibility.

    Not very inspiring I know… must start with reality though.


  5. Andrew Cardwell
    5 years ago

    Hello Derry,

    Really enjoyed reading a few articles on your site. I myself know a few things about RSI. It is a very dynamic and powerful technical tool.

    Andrew Cardwell

  6. Paul
    5 years ago

    I really love what you wrote here. Every research that you have published is very useful to me and others as well.

    Many thanks

    • Derry Brown
      5 years ago

      You are most welcome Paul. More to come!

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