I just wanted to thank you for your insight on the markets that you send to me free of charge every week. In an industry dominated by money, it’s refreshing to see someone providing their information free of charge for a genuinely kind reason. What you have to say is very interesting and, while nobody’s predictions are ever worth trusting 100%, you definitely know what you’re talking about. And I listen. Thanks a million.

– SA

I look forward to the weekly newsletters. The investment advice provided is objective and simple to understand. The author is very knowledgeable and has made some excellent market calls this year (2005). Many newsletters are all about hype – this one is not.

– Graeme, New Zealand

I’d like to place on record how much I appreciate your service. Your charts are excellent and together with your comments thereon provide useful insight.


I enjoy your newsletter immensely. It gives me a direct, down to earth, realistic take on the US markets. I subscribe to S??…, M?.. F… and T?.. T… from the USA but it’s great to have a more level headed approach to help balance a lot of the hype. Thank you.

– Andrew D

I have been reading your newsletter for the last few weeks. I am always a strong believer in Technical Analysis and your newsletter is of great help for me to analysis the market behavior and your analysis is sharp and accurate. Since your system generates long and short term signals, anyone who wants to follow the markets regularly can use your newsletter and benefit.

– P.SivaKumar, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

A very useful service with sound observations of the market.

– K Munro

I can not tell you enough how much I appreciate receiving your weekly alerts. One of the more important aspects of trading is to stay on the right side of the market. Your OM3 indicator makes short work of that often confusing job and your commentaries help me focus on market conditions that the main stream media ignores. In fact, I owe you some thanks for a recent trade on Yellow Roadway (YELL). I had been long the stock, but closed my positions for a profit because OM3 showed a weakening market. Sure enough, the stock gapped down on volume. Knowing the market was weak, I bought puts which I have since closed for a 105% profit…on top of my profits from the long position! Thank you very much!

– Christopher Smith, The Option Club

I REALLY enjoy your newsletter! I think it’s incredibly amazing how experienced you are regarding American markets, especially considering that you are not American! You definitely know what you are talking about. I take what you say very seriously because your newsletter makes sense, unlike others I have read who only try to profit from their readers. If I had to pick one thing to complain about, the only thing I would like to see more of would be more references to individual equities and how they affect the market as a whole. But this is just a thought, I like your newsletter very much. Thanks!

– Sebastian G Redondo Beach, CA – USA

Another great letter, keep it up.

– Dave A

Thanks Derry, I think the charts are terrific.

– N Allen

We have used Derry’s work for some time now, looking forward to it each week as it helps us a lot.

– N&M Hawkins, Auck NZ

As I see it, your signals work well and you do a great job in passing your views to your readers. Thank you!

– Mihai G

You guys are awesome for offering such a great service at no charge!

– John D

Derry is very switched on when it comes to technical / charting trading and advice on the US markets. I fully recommend Derry’s weekly newsletters and in-depth articles to all technical traders, from those just starting out to those with years of experience. Keep up the great work!

– Kevin Faulkner, Ekahau Group

And, can I tell you once more what a great pleasure it is to read your reports…..it is highly insightful and crystal clear in reasoning. I have been ga gaaing about this report on the OptionsXpress message board….hope you have many others from that message board signing up! Thanks

– Sreenath

Just wanting to say THANK YOU–I greatly appreciate your commentary and the insight (technical and otherwise) you provide us.

– BB

My friends and I found your news and analysis very useful.

– Santosolie

This is the best concise report of the market with movements indicated I have seen. Brilliant. I subscribed to other paid services which I am sad to say are more hype than anything else. Brilliant work! keep it up.

– P Templeton

Enjoying your E-zine. Have been comparing your comments with ***. Have been disappointed with *** through the last 6 months – have paid for Option Trader and QQQQ. They were calling a bear market right thru – lost 100% on several QQQQ trades.

– M Holm

Great job with the news letter. Keep it up.

– J Smit

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  1. Rm686
    8 years ago

    Have no idear what you are talking about. Find youe site very confusing. Have been using moving averages 20 years.

  2. Derry Brown
    8 years ago

    Sorry you feel that way Rm686… if that is your real name. Thanks for your feed back.


  3. Daniel V
    5 years ago

    Just used your Golden Cross and MACD settings from your test articles and made 4% on my forex account in 2 hours. Thank you oh so much for this information.

    • Derry Brown
      5 years ago

      That is awesome Daniel, you are most welcome. Be cautious though.

  4. Gio
    1 year ago

    Hi Derry

    I found your quantitive studies on technical indicators, moving averages ect quite interesting.
    I don’t know if they are correct or not, but it is a good effort to go beyond the simple theory and give a boost from an objective point of view.
    I am giving you some links from my site https://www.tradingmatica.net.
    My question is why you have stopped doing this, as the last articles date back to 2013.

    • Derry Brown
      1 year ago

      Thanks Gio. Just busy with research that I can’t publish currently.

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